Ecology and Environmental Engineering


    The International Russian Conference on Ecology and Environmental Engineering in 2022 was held on May 16-20 in the city of Sochi. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation with coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and the difficulty of crossing borders between countries, the conference was held in a mixed format. Participants, at their will and where possible, could choose one of two formats of participation - the traditional face-to-face format or remotely via videoconference.

    RusEcoCon 2022 included a rich technical program consisting of 8 sections:
    Section 1. Sustainable Urban Environmental Development;
    Section 2. Resources and Environment Engineering:
    2.1. Ecosystem Management, Sustainable Development;
    2.2. Environmental Monitoring and Management;
    2.3. Water Resources Management and Water Pollution Control;
    2.4. Atmospheric science and air pollution control;
    2.5. Solid Waste Pollution Control and Resource Utilization;
    Section 3. Energy Science, Green Technology and eco-innovation;
    Section 4. Technology potential for Environmental Management 4.0.

    66 reports were selected by the program committee for participating in the conference (see program).

    Reports were published in the "IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES)" journal (vol. 1061, 2022).