Ecology and Environmental Engineering

RusEcoCon-2022 PROGRAMM

    ¹ Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Section 1. Sustainable Urban Environmental Development
    1_1_1A N Gushchin, M N Divakova
    Microclimate as the basis for creating a comfortable urban environment
    1_1_2M Yu Filatova, L T Krupskaya, Yu G Kocharyan, A V Leonenko, E A Romashkina
    Mining and environmental problems of dalnegorsk, primorye territory, and ways to solve them
    1_1_3L I Belykh, Ì À Ìàksimova
    Benzî(a)pyrene in the atmosphere and its carcinogenic risks to the health of the population of Irkutsk region cities
    1_1_4L B Khairullina, G V Starikova, N L Mamaeva, E V Bulgakova, M N Mikhailova
    To the Subject of Waste Disposal at the Site of Human Settlements
    1_1_5N Rasskasova
    Web portals as an effective means of managing cities to ensure sustainable development and solve environmental problems
    1_1_6A T Khotamov, U R Uzakova
    A new method for assessing the physical wear of residential buildings taking into account defects
    1_1_7V N Alekhin, E P Sharovarova
    Prospects for the development of renewable energy for the energy supply of buildings in Russia
    1_1_9I N Maltseva, N N Kaganovich, K A Tkachuk
    Office spaces in conditions environmental problems of cities
    Section 2. Resources and Environment Engineering
    2_1_1M L Sidorenko
    The effect of mineral fertilizers on reproduction of soil saprophytic bacteria
    2_1_2M V Yakutin, V S Andrievskyii
    The use of soil-biological methods in monitoring the soils of sand pits in the Northern taiga
    2_1_3K Shchelchkov, T Guseva, I Tikhonova, E Potapova, V Rudomazin
    The concept of best available techniques as an instrument for increasing industrial resource efficiency and reducing environmental impact in the Arctic
    2_1_4V.A. Pochechun, V.E. Konovalov, A.I. Semyachkov
    Reassessing the past environmental damages within abandoned natural resource deposits
    2_1_5V Morokishko, A Volosatova, V Ilina, S Vertyshev, A Malkov
    Applying best available techniques and best environmental practices to preserve ecosystem services
    2_1_7A Karpachevskiy, P Mikhailukova, A Sharapova, I Semenkov, T Koroleva
    Using SAR-data and optical data to delineate burned territories in Kalmykia, Chernye Zemli reserve
    2_1_8A Samodolov, D Ulrikh
    Effectiveness of using metallurgical production waste to treat acid waste water from mining enterprises
    2_1_9O Samodolova, D Ulrikh
    Using the hulls of industrial hemp in urban surface waste water treatment
    2_1_10M Bryukhov, D Ulrikh
    Wastewater treatment: methods and prospects
    2_2_1A V Leonenko, L T Krupskaya, V I Usikov, M Yu Filatova, M Bubnova
    Geoecological assessment and environmental monitoring within the boundaries of the impact of the development of gold deposits using GIS technologies
    2_2_2A Motorin, V Sherstnev, O Bezborodova, O Bodin, A Trofimov
    SMART-system based on a heterogeneous group of unmanned aerial vehicles to ensure the environmental human well-being
    2_2_3L I Khorzova, O S Vlasova, N Yu Klimenti, S I Golubeva, D V Tekushin
    Specific regional features of radon activity in environmental objects and indoor spaces in the Volgograd region
    2_2_4A V Iordanova, I O Kirilchuk, P L Podkolzin, D E Gladilin
    Investigation of the earth surface contamination from unauthorized waste disposal facilities using remote sensing technologies
    2_2_5D N Gar’kusha, Yu A Fedorov, R G Trubnik, N V Dotsenko
    Features of the coupled distribution of methane and hydrogen sulfide in the bottom sediments of the Azov and Black Seas firth
    2_2_6M V Grafkina, A L Telishevskaya
    Improving ecological monitoring system in the areas of oil and gas production development
    2_2_9R Kh Giniyatullin, G A Zaitsev
    Evaluation of the metal content of cleaned and dirty balsam poplar leaves in industrial pollution conditions
    2_2_10M V Volkodaeva, Ya A Volodina
    Control of pollutants in the atmospheric air on the example of an automated monitoring system in St. Petersburg
    2_3_1I G Kantarzhi, A V Kuprin
    Forecasting and controlling the quality of water in a yachting harbour
    2_3_2S S Timofeeva, O V Tyukalova, S S Timofeev
    Environmental risk and possibilities of ciprofloxacin phytoremediation
    2_3_3S V Novikov, M S Pletneva
    Developing a softening technology for confined groundwater used for the potable water supply in Kondratovo, the Perm Krai
    2_3_4O Atamanova, E I Tikhomirova, A A Podoksenov, A S Glubokaya, Z A Simonova
    Purification of water environments from heavy metals ions pollution
    2_3_5N E Volkova, N M Ivanyutin, V V Popovich
    Assessment of the prospects for the use of treated wastewater for irrigation purposes in the Republic of Crimea
    2_3_6I V Shadrunova, N N Orekhova, Ì S Stefunko
    Intensification of the wastewater treatment process using magnesium-containing materials
    2_3_9D E Boriskov, S Yu Efremova, N A Komarova, E I Tikhomirova
    Study of adsorption of cadmium ions from solutions on natural and modified diatomites
    2_3_11N E Volkova, N M Ivanyutin, V V Popovich, Y A Yunchik
    Improvement of mechanisms for managing the ecological state of watercourses in the urban area
    2_4_1Zaw Ye Naing, Saw Win Myint, A V Nistratov, V N Klushin
    Kinetics and balance of adsorption of n-butanol from its vapor-air mixtures by activated carbon from the fossil coal of the Kalewa deposit
    2_4_2Saw Win Myint, Zaw Ye Naing, A V Nistratov, V N Klushin
    Activated carbon based on rice husks of Myanmar enterprises as a remover of organic solvent vapors from the air
    2_4_3A V Gritsenko, V D Shepelev, F N Grakov, K I Lukomsky and E Tsybunov
    Environmental control of the technical condition of electromagnetic nozzles of internal combustion engines
    2_4_4P V Roslyakov, O E Kondratieva
    Technical possibilities of ash and sulphur oxides emission reduction at Russian coal-fired thermal power plants
    2_4_5Yu A Fedorov, V I Chepurnaya, I V Dotsenko, D N Garkusha, A V Mikhailenko
    Features of granulometric and material composition of road dust bottom sediments and soils in the Rostov region
    2_4_7P Roslyakov, K Pleshanov, K Shchelchkov, V Rudomazin
    Moderate intensity chemical incomplete combustion of fuel
    2_5_1S N Pogorelov, L Ya Kramar, I L Kostiunina
    The physical and chemical composition of fly ash from Troitsk state district power plant (GRES) and its potential use in the construction industry
    2_5_2E V Kolodezhnaya, M S Garkave, I V Shadrunova
    Areas of use of waste from incineration
    2_5_3E V Kolodezhnaya, O E Gorlova, N N Orehova, M S Kolkova, I V Glagoleva
    Determination of criterion for selectivity of disintegration of technogenic raw materials for environmentally oriented processing
    2_5_4M D Butakova, D V Ulrikh
    Environmental substantiation of the disposal of silicate materials waste and their use
    2_5_6E A Prelikova, O I Belyakova, S V Grachev, M R Kopylov
    Development and implementation of a new format of eco-shops
    2_5_7S A Dergunov, M S Garcavy, A B Satyukov,S V Serikov, D S Odincova
    The man-made mineral wastes in production of construction materials of various functional purposes
    2_5_8L V Klimova, V A Smolii, V S Romanyuk
    The use of drilling waste in the production of ceramic building materials
    2_5_9V D Eskin, A I Krivorotova
    Complex processing of wood debarking waste as a factor of environmental safety
    2_5_10 N D Yatsenko, A S Evforitskiy, O I Sazonova
    Ceramic granite production wastes use for enhancement asphalt concrete construction and technical properties
    2_5_11N D Yatsenko, A I Yatsenko, N A Vilbitskaya, S Y Ovseenko
    Use of fiberglass waste for strengthening ceramic porous composite
    2_5_12V A Solonina, M D Butakova
    Producing ceramic wall material using industrial waste
    Section 3. Energy Science, Green Technology and eco-innovation
    3_1_1L A Filimonova, E G Matys, E N Uze
    Variant-scenario approach to the substantiation of instruments for Technosphere Safety of the advanced development territory
    3_1_2Phyo Myint Oo, V I Panfilov, A E Kuznetsov, I G Antropova, S V Kalenov
    The influence of medicine plant extracts on viability of yeast cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces carlsbergensis under the action of ionizing radiation
    3_1_3E A Yatsenko, B M Goltsman, Yu V Novikov, S V Trofimov, V S Yatsenko
    Processing of ash and slag waste from coal-fired power plants into functional geopolymer materials
    3_2_8V N Egorov, N I Bobko, Yu G Marchenko, S Ye Sadogurskiy
    Barrier role of Cystoseira phytocenosis in the phosphorus detrophication in waters of the specially protected natural area “Cape Martyan” (Crimea, Black Sea)
    Section 4. Technology potential for Environmental Management 4.0
    4_1_1O V Udartseva
    Methods of mitigating industrial accidents at oil reservoirs
    4_1_2R T Brzhanov, G Kh Sadueva
    Environmental Problems of Pipeline Leakages and Their Earlier Diagnosis
    4_1_5V S Malyshev, E V Fedorova, A M Borovkova, S A Andreeva, P N Bayeva
    Algorithm of risk-analysis for assessing the influence of occupational conditions on personnel with investigating respiration patterns
    4_1_6A M Borovkova, V T Medvedev, G I Pavlova, D A Burdiukov, P N Bayeva
    Development of a comprehensive system for assessing the reliability of thermal power equipment
    4_1_7A Kh Baiburin, S A Vorobev, D A Baiburin
    Investigation of the structural reliability of technological solutions of suspended ceilings
    4_1_8S S Timofeeva, V A Zueva
    Developing a technique for detecting nanoscale range particles in the air of the working area in a coal preparation plant
    4_1_9T I Drozdova, E A Khamidullina
    Analysis of natural hydrological hazards in the Southern Baikal Area
    4_1_10M D Sergeeva, A P Byzov, F A Gomazov, N A Marinchenko
    Analysis of the methodology for calculating the dose of external radiation exposure of the population
    4_1_11G Averina, V Koshelev, A Orlov, D Sidelnikov, S Vakhrushev
    Carbon dioxide emission during the production of magnesium binders based on dolomitized rocks
    4_1_12V Yu Vinogradov, E V Muravyeva, A I Shakirova
    Fiber acoustic control system for assisting jettison bladder type fuel cell of MI-8 helicopter in emergency conditions
    4_1_13L Yu Anopchenko, M V Yakutin
    The use of cartographic methods in assessing the risks of the impact of thermal power plants on the environment
    4_1_14S S Timofeeva, V.V Garmyshev
    Carbon footprint of forest fires in the Irkutsk region