Ecology and Environmental Engineering
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"Экология и техносферная безопасность' 2022"

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада
    Раздел 1. Стратегия устойчивого развития и глобальные экологические проблемы городов
    1_1_1A N Gushchin, M N Divakova
    Microclimate as the basis for creating a comfortable urban environment
    1_1_2M Yu Filatova, L T Krupskaya, Yu G Kocharyan, A V Leonenko, E A Romashkina
    Mining and environmental problems of dalnegorsk, primorye territory, and ways to solve them
    1_1_3L I Belykh, М А Маksimova
    Benzо(a)pyrene in the atmosphere and its carcinogenic risks to the health of the population of Irkutsk region cities
    1_1_4L B Khairullina, G V Starikova, N L Mamaeva, E V Bulgakova, M N Mikhailova
    To the Subject of Waste Disposal at the Site of Human Settlements
    1_1_5N Rasskasova
    Web portals as an effective means of managing cities to ensure sustainable development and solve environmental problems
    1_1_6A T Khotamov, U R Uzakova
    A new method for assessing the physical wear of residential buildings taking into account defects
    1_1_7V N Alekhin, E P Sharovarova
    Prospects for the development of renewable energy for the energy supply of buildings in Russia
    1_1_9I N Maltseva, N N Kaganovich, K A Tkachuk
    Office spaces in conditions environmental problems of cities
    Раздел 2. Экология и охрана окружающей среды
    2_1_1M L Sidorenko
    The effect of mineral fertilizers on reproduction of soil saprophytic bacteria
    2_1_2M V Yakutin, V S Andrievskyii
    The use of soil-biological methods in monitoring the soils of sand pits in the Northern taiga
    2_1_3K Shchelchkov, T Guseva, I Tikhonova, E Potapova, V Rudomazin
    The concept of best available techniques as an instrument for increasing industrial resource efficiency and reducing environmental impact in the Arctic
    2_1_4V.A. Pochechun, V.E. Konovalov, A.I. Semyachkov
    Reassessing the past environmental damages within abandoned natural resource deposits
    2_1_5V Morokishko, A Volosatova, V Ilina, S Vertyshev, A Malkov
    Applying best available techniques and best environmental practices to preserve ecosystem services
    2_1_7A Karpachevskiy, P Mikhailukova, A Sharapova, I Semenkov, T Koroleva
    Using SAR-data and optical data to delineate burned territories in Kalmykia, Chernye Zemli reserve
    2_1_8A Samodolov, D Ulrikh
    Effectiveness of using metallurgical production waste to treat acid waste water from mining enterprises
    2_1_9O Samodolova, D Ulrikh
    Using the hulls of industrial hemp in urban surface waste water treatment
    2_1_10M Bryukhov, D Ulrikh
    Wastewater treatment: methods and prospects
    2_2_1A V Leonenko, L T Krupskaya, V I Usikov, M Yu Filatova, M Bubnova
    Geoecological assessment and environmental monitoring within the boundaries of the impact of the development of gold deposits using GIS technologies
    2_2_2A Motorin, V Sherstnev, O Bezborodova, O Bodin, A Trofimov
    SMART-system based on a heterogeneous group of unmanned aerial vehicles to ensure the environmental human well-being
    2_2_3L I Khorzova, O S Vlasova, N Yu Klimenti, S I Golubeva, D V Tekushin
    Specific regional features of radon activity in environmental objects and indoor spaces in the Volgograd region
    2_2_4A V Iordanova, I O Kirilchuk, P L Podkolzin, D E Gladilin
    Investigation of the earth surface contamination from unauthorized waste disposal facilities using remote sensing technologies
    2_2_5D N Gar’kusha, Yu A Fedorov, R G Trubnik, N V Dotsenko
    Features of the coupled distribution of methane and hydrogen sulfide in the bottom sediments of the Azov and Black Seas firth
    2_2_6M V Grafkina, A L Telishevskaya
    Improving ecological monitoring system in the areas of oil and gas production development
    2_2_9R Kh Giniyatullin, G A Zaitsev
    Evaluation of the metal content of cleaned and dirty balsam poplar leaves in industrial pollution conditions
    2_2_10M V Volkodaeva, Ya A Volodina
    Control of pollutants in the atmospheric air on the example of an automated monitoring system in St. Petersburg
    2_3_1I G Kantarzhi, A V Kuprin
    Forecasting and controlling the quality of water in a yachting harbour
    2_3_2S S Timofeeva, O V Tyukalova, S S Timofeev
    Environmental risk and possibilities of ciprofloxacin phytoremediation
    2_3_3S V Novikov, M S Pletneva
    Developing a softening technology for confined groundwater used for the potable water supply in Kondratovo, the Perm Krai
    2_3_4O Atamanova, E I Tikhomirova, A A Podoksenov, A S Glubokaya, Z A Simonova
    Purification of water environments from heavy metals ions pollution
    2_3_5N E Volkova, N M Ivanyutin, V V Popovich
    Assessment of the prospects for the use of treated wastewater for irrigation purposes in the Republic of Crimea
    2_3_6I V Shadrunova, N N Orekhova, М S Stefunko
    Intensification of the wastewater treatment process using magnesium-containing materials
    2_3_9D E Boriskov, S Yu Efremova, N A Komarova, E I Tikhomirova
    Study of adsorption of cadmium ions from solutions on natural and modified diatomites
    2_3_11N E Volkova, N M Ivanyutin, V V Popovich, Y A Yunchik
    Improvement of mechanisms for managing the ecological state of watercourses in the urban area
    2_4_1Zaw Ye Naing, Saw Win Myint, A V Nistratov, V N Klushin
    Kinetics and balance of adsorption of n-butanol from its vapor-air mixtures by activated carbon from the fossil coal of the Kalewa deposit
    2_4_2Saw Win Myint, Zaw Ye Naing, A V Nistratov, V N Klushin
    Activated carbon based on rice husks of Myanmar enterprises as a remover of organic solvent vapors from the air
    2_4_3A V Gritsenko, V D Shepelev, F N Grakov, K I Lukomsky and E Tsybunov
    Environmental control of the technical condition of electromagnetic nozzles of internal combustion engines
    2_4_4P V Roslyakov, O E Kondratieva
    Technical possibilities of ash and sulphur oxides emission reduction at Russian coal-fired thermal power plants
    2_4_5Yu A Fedorov, V I Chepurnaya, I V Dotsenko, D N Garkusha, A V Mikhailenko
    Features of granulometric and material composition of road dust bottom sediments and soils in the Rostov region
    2_4_7P Roslyakov, K Pleshanov, K Shchelchkov, V Rudomazin
    Moderate intensity chemical incomplete combustion of fuel
    2_5_1S N Pogorelov, L Ya Kramar, I L Kostiunina
    The physical and chemical composition of fly ash from Troitsk state district power plant (GRES) and its potential use in the construction industry
    2_5_2E V Kolodezhnaya, M S Garkave, I V Shadrunova
    Areas of use of waste from incineration
    2_5_3E V Kolodezhnaya, O E Gorlova, N N Orehova, M S Kolkova, I V Glagoleva
    Determination of criterion for selectivity of disintegration of technogenic raw materials for environmentally oriented processing
    2_5_4M D Butakova, D V Ulrikh
    Environmental substantiation of the disposal of silicate materials waste and their use
    2_5_6E A Prelikova, O I Belyakova, S V Grachev, M R Kopylov
    Development and implementation of a new format of eco-shops
    2_5_7S A Dergunov, M S Garcavy, A B Satyukov,S V Serikov, D S Odincova
    The man-made mineral wastes in production of construction materials of various functional purposes
    2_5_8L V Klimova, V A Smolii, V S Romanyuk
    The use of drilling waste in the production of ceramic building materials
    2_5_9V D Eskin, A I Krivorotova
    Complex processing of wood debarking waste as a factor of environmental safety
    2_5_10 N D Yatsenko, A S Evforitskiy, O I Sazonova
    Ceramic granite production wastes use for enhancement asphalt concrete construction and technical properties
    2_5_11N D Yatsenko, A I Yatsenko, N A Vilbitskaya, S Y Ovseenko
    Use of fiberglass waste for strengthening ceramic porous composite
    2_5_12V A Solonina, M D Butakova
    Producing ceramic wall material using industrial waste
    Раздел 3. Энергия и чистые технологии
    3_1_1L A Filimonova, E G Matys, E N Uze
    Variant-scenario approach to the substantiation of instruments for Technosphere Safety of the advanced development territory
    3_1_2Phyo Myint Oo, V I Panfilov, A E Kuznetsov, I G Antropova, S V Kalenov
    The influence of medicine plant extracts on viability of yeast cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces carlsbergensis under the action of ionizing radiation
    3_1_3E A Yatsenko, B M Goltsman, Yu V Novikov, S V Trofimov, V S Yatsenko
    Processing of ash and slag waste from coal-fired power plants into functional geopolymer materials
    3_2_8V N Egorov, N I Bobko, Yu G Marchenko, S Ye Sadogurskiy
    Barrier role of Cystoseira phytocenosis in the phosphorus detrophication in waters of the specially protected natural area “Cape Martyan” (Crimea, Black Sea)
    Раздел 4. Техносферная безопасность современного производства
    4_1_1O V Udartseva
    Methods of mitigating industrial accidents at oil reservoirs
    4_1_2R T Brzhanov, G Kh Sadueva
    Environmental Problems of Pipeline Leakages and Their Earlier Diagnosis
    4_1_5V S Malyshev, E V Fedorova, A M Borovkova, S A Andreeva, P N Bayeva
    Algorithm of risk-analysis for assessing the influence of occupational conditions on personnel with investigating respiration patterns
    4_1_6A M Borovkova, V T Medvedev, G I Pavlova, D A Burdiukov, P N Bayeva
    Development of a comprehensive system for assessing the reliability of thermal power equipment
    4_1_7A Kh Baiburin, S A Vorobev, D A Baiburin
    Investigation of the structural reliability of technological solutions of suspended ceilings
    4_1_8S S Timofeeva, V A Zueva
    Developing a technique for detecting nanoscale range particles in the air of the working area in a coal preparation plant
    4_1_9T I Drozdova, E A Khamidullina
    Analysis of natural hydrological hazards in the Southern Baikal Area
    4_1_10M D Sergeeva, A P Byzov, F A Gomazov, N A Marinchenko
    Analysis of the methodology for calculating the dose of external radiation exposure of the population
    4_1_11G Averina, V Koshelev, A Orlov, D Sidelnikov, S Vakhrushev
    Carbon dioxide emission during the production of magnesium binders based on dolomitized rocks
    4_1_12V Yu Vinogradov, E V Muravyeva, A I Shakirova
    Fiber acoustic control system for assisting jettison bladder type fuel cell of MI-8 helicopter in emergency conditions
    4_1_13L Yu Anopchenko, M V Yakutin
    The use of cartographic methods in assessing the risks of the impact of thermal power plants on the environment
    4_1_14S S Timofeeva, V.V Garmyshev
    Carbon footprint of forest fires in the Irkutsk region