Ecology and Environmental Engineering


    The International Russian Conference on Ecology and Environmental Engineering in 2022 was held on May 16-20 in the city of Sochi. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation with coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and the difficulty of crossing borders between countries, the conference was held in a mixed format. Participants, at their will and where possible, could choose one of two formats of participation - the traditional face-to-face format or remotely via videoconference.

    RusEcoCon 2022 included a rich technical program consisting of 8 sections:
    Section 1. Sustainable Urban Environmental Development;
    Section 2. Resources and Environment Engineering:
    2.1. Ecosystem Management, Sustainable Development;
    2.2. Environmental Monitoring and Management;
    2.3. Water Resources Management and Water Pollution Control;
    2.4. Atmospheric science and air pollution control;
    2.5. Solid Waste Pollution Control and Resource Utilization;
    Section 3. Energy Science, Green Technology and eco-innovation;
    Section 4. Technology potential for Environmental Management 4.0.

    66 reports were selected by the program committee for participating in the conference (see program).